Writer’s block

It’s been a busy month since my last post, and I’ve been doing so much writing for my job that the last thing I feel like doing when I get home at night is write a blog post. I’m usually thinking FOOD, followed by getting sucked into an Internet hole of celebrity gossip and random articles on national/international news, since my days are mostly filled with local goings-on and I need to get my Senate scandal fix at some point.

But I’m determined to make blogging more of a habit. I love writing, and blogging is such an unstructured and free way of writing that it’s nice to switch it up from reporting, with its focus on leads, tight, snappy writing and word count. Sure, I’m not giving myself carte blanche to ramble on with boring, sprawling posts that are all over the place (at least, I hope not), but I’m looking forward to having a little more freedom and a little less pressure (no deadlines! whew!).

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