New fitness plan

A few days ago, I wrote about how I was feeling burned out from running. My original plan after running my first marathon last April was to take the summer and fall easy, and be rested up and ready to start training for Boston in January.


But now it’s already November, and the thought of beginning marathon training – even for Boston, something I’ve dreamed of running for years – is filling me with more dread rather than excitement. I guess it’s because I know exactly what lies ahead: the early morning runs in pitch black and -20 C temperatures, the ice, snow, wind and rain, the unshovelled sidewalks, the fear of slipping and falling, eyelashes freezing to my cheeks and my breath catching in my chest. Nope, marathon training in winter is NOT fun! (reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw during the Philly Rock n’ Roll half: “13.1 means I’m only half-crazy!” So I guess running 26.2 – and deciding to do it again – makes me certifiably insane!)

I’ve decided on a new fitness plan for November and December that I’m going to do my best to stick with. I think it helps to have a workout plan in place because otherwise I’ll just revert to running. Of course, this will be flexible based on whatever might crop up, but I think it’s totally manageable and will hopefully inject some excitement into my fitness routine and keep things fresh! Plus, I’m always reading that your body gets used to doing the same workout all the time and thus won’t improve, get faster, stronger, etc. I know I’ve noticed improvements to my running in the past when I cross-train, so I hope this new plan will eventually see me clocking faster miles!

Here’s how it’s looking:

Monday: Run (not planning on any specific distance; depends on how I’m feeling that day and how much time I have before work)

Tuesday: Strength train (at-home workout)*

Wednesday: Swim

Thursday: Run

Friday: Strength train (work out opposing muscle groups from Tuesday; also at-home workout)

Saturday: Swim

Sunday: OFF (walk, maybe some yoga at night although my attention span will maybe get me through 10 minutes max of mainly savasana!)

* I really DON’T believe gym memberships are necessary. I loathe treadmills, so I really prefer to get my cardio outside on a run, bike, or walk. And as long as you’ve got some free weights at home and maybe a jump rope, kettle bell, exercise ball and a Jillian Michaels DVD or two, you’re good to go. There are also plenty of free workouts to try online. The biggest challenge is getting the motivation to change out of my pyjamas though haha…

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