Country roads, take me home

First loooong run since my marathon!

I ran 24 kilometers this morning in 1:46 – my longest run in 7 months! I’ve been itching to go for a longer run lately, but timing and the weather just haven’t been on my side. I also had more than a little trepidation about doing a long run. As I wrote earlier, I haven’t gone more than 12km since dialing the running down in August. But as January looms (the month when I’ll start training for Boston), my physical and mental fears have been stirring. Is my base of endurance I built up completely gone? Can I do this again? Do I really have it in me to face another winter of marathon training?

I lucked out today in that it was perfect weather (well, nearly perfect): +2 C, a little drizzly and damp, but no wind, pouring rain, snow or ice. The country roads I ran along were dry and there wasn’t much traffic beyond the occasional pick-up truck. I also had a recently revamped iPod to keep me going (mostly Christmas tunes, to be honest! But hey, it’s December!) and the lure of a new running route – anyone else find switching up their route to be a massive mental motivator? It was just a huge square, but I enjoyed the change of pace running along country roads than within a city.

I also got to bust these babies out again:


I had forgotten how much I love my compression socks!

Another way I lucked out? Because yesterday I was all over town covering events, today all I have to do is write up the articles…from the comfort of my own apartment. I’ve got a roaring fireplace on, a post-run smoothie (yeah, it kinda goes against the cheery warm fireplace image, but smoothies are the best and easiest way for me to get in protein and fat for recovery) and a bowl of steamed kale and two poached eggs for sustenance while I tackle these stories. I’ll do a bit of yoga tonight to stretch out my hip flexors – hello, pigeon pose! – but hopefully I’m not feeling it too badly by tomorrow.

All in all, a pretty great Sunday Runday!


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