A positively balmy run

Today was my first long run of 2014 – a nice 21.7 kilometre route that involved lots of backtracking (I was originally just planning on running a 16-k route, but had to take advantage of the -1 degree weather!), snow and slush!

Since it’s supposed to drop to -22 by Tuesday, I’m feeling pretty happy I squeezed in a longer run today. I tried to duplicate a strategy my training plan had last year, where I’d run a mid-distance at a fairly fast pace on Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday. It gets your legs used to running while already tired, and it’s awesome except it actually really sucks. But…it works!

So I did a 10k yesterday and then slogged through today’s run. What made this Sunday Runday different than usual (besides the fact that my face didn’t completely freeze off and I actually broke a sweat under my four layers of shirts) were two things:

a) Rocking the baseball look


Embarrassing, I know. I distinctly remember going for a run with my dad and brother once and in addition to my dad wearing a POLO shirt to run in (who does that?!?), my brother tucked his pants into his socks just like I’m doing in the above photo. Cringe. I said something obnoxious at the time like, “You guys are going to ruin my street cred!”

What can I say? I got my tights on today and then went to find a pair of socks, saw my compression socks and decided I wanted to wear them, but then was too lazy to take off my tights to put the socks on. So I just pulled them on over and told myself I looked cool. Riiiiight.

b) I listened to podcasts the whole way!

I’ve never listened to podcasts while running, even though I listen to them while doing pretty much everything else. I’m obsessed with NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour right now, and since I have about 100 episodes downloaded on my phone, I just tucked the phone in one of my sports bras and was set. I think I made it through about 3 episodes – it was marvelous. I definitely noticed I was running slower than usual, so I think listening to podcasts rather than fast-paced music may have had something to do with it (although the slush didn’t help and of course, neither did me just generally not being used to long run + longer run). I’d still pick music for speed/tempo workouts, but for a long run where the emphasis is on distance, podcasts were perfect. I loved just being able to tune out (well, mostly – still gotta keep an eye out for trucks and deer and random guard dogs on farms on these country roads!).

Okay, I’m off to shower and then do some foam rolling! My brother got me the gift of my dreams for Christmas this year – a foam roller. Yeah, I realize that admission either made you do a massive eye roll OR it made you nod along enthusiastically. Maybe both. I’ve had a few humbling epiphanies lately about what I like to call SRS – Smug Runner Syndrome, so watch out for an upcoming post on that. Gushing about foam rollers probably/definitely falls under the category of SRS.


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