Running on clouds

I always get to a point where I realize I’m in desperate need of new shoes. Usually I notice some pain in my shins while running and then I think back to when I bought my last pair…whoops. Another good visual sign is when I can tell what colour socks I’m wearing because my pinky toe is showing through (for some reason my baby toe always pokes through the fabric; either shoes are made too narrow at the toes or my feet are just really wide)! And of course the tread test: flip your shoes over and if it’s smooth on the bottom, you know you’ve worn them down.

I try not to feel guilty about buying new running shoes because they are SO important for safe training. Sure, running is *theoretically* a cheap sport (ha!), but you really can’t skimp on good shoes. I don’t replace mine as often as I probably should, but oh well. 2-3 pairs a year seems to work for me for now.

Today I did a quick 6 km (at 4:15/km pace…this is fast for me; I hate shorter distances and will always choose distance over speed!) before the rain started. It’s eerily mild out today – I don’t trust it. I’m trying to end all my runs by running as fast as I can uphill (I live at the top of a hill, so coordinating that is the easy part – the tough part is the running fast haha). I’m hoping this will somewhat prepare me for the legendary Heartbreak Hill at Boston, and also just be good training!

Then this afternoon I drove to the nearest Running Room, which is an hour away in Hamilton. A nice rainy day for a drive, I didn’t mind it at all. It was nice to get out of the county and drive around a city, actually. And the Running Room is always a fun time. I chatted with the guy who was working, and he printed me off a map of the Around the Bay 30k road race I’m doing in March – he’s doing it too and has done it many times in the past so he gave me some tips and told me all about the different elevations. Looks like there’s a series of rolling hills that kick in around kilometre 17 and last until kilometre 26, but then you’ve got a slight decline for the last four km – nice!

Anyway, here are the new beauties I got:


Early birthday present to myself!

They’re the Asics GT2000 – my tried and true. The last two pairs I’ve gone through have been this same model – they carried me 26.2 miles in Gettysburg and countless miles before and since. I love them! I tried a few other brands, including Brooks and Saucony (another fave) but in the end I decided not to mess with a good thing. They’re super supportive (I need a stability shoe + my orthotics…woo for sounding like an 82-year-old!) and have great cushioning. They also have really fun colours – this time I went with bluefish/electric melon. I think they’ll add some cheer to my feet when I’m trawling through slush and snow!


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