This is when a time-traveling DeLorean would come in handy

If only I could go back in time to yesterday morning. I wouldn’t have ran. Why did I run?!?!?

I pulled my groin muscle (adductor) yesterday on a routine run. Wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Wasn’t doing anything stupid. THAT’S the most frustrating part!! I had a running-heavy weekend that culminated with an 8-mile race on Sunday where I really poured out my heart into the run, so I took Monday and Tuesday off of running for a proper recovery. I’ve been doing everything by the book this training season – no overdoing it, lots of stretching and foam rolling, listening to my body…and now this! An injury completely out of the blue! It seems so unfair and I know that sounds whiny but…really? Why did this have to happen???

I can’t even walk right now that’s how bad this pulled muscle is. I’m currently lying on the floor of my apartment, my right leg propped up on pillows on my couch so it stays elevated. I’m icing the muscle every 15 minutes on and off, then massaging it and doing very, very gentle stretching. Taking anti-inflammatory medication every four hours.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Not just from the pain but also lying there worrying about Boston. Everything I’ve read about groin injuries says they take 4-6 weeks for recovery. NO RUNNING. I haven’t been to a doctor yet so I’m hoping against hope this won’t be true for me. I can’t let myself think long-term like that right now. Just focus on getting through the next few days and seeing where I’m at then. Boston has been my dream since I was 16 and if I have to crawl across that finish line come April 21 I will do it. I’ve trained so hard for this all winter and there is NO WAY a freak pulled adductor is going to keep me from this!!

Now I’m crying on my floor and I’m pretty sure this is the most pathetic I’ve ever felt. I KNOW it’s “just a race” to some people. But it’s not to me. Especially this year.

I can’t let myself think about this but it’s pretty impossible not to. What will taking 4-6 weeks off running do to my training? Even just a week off could have serious repercussions when it comes to my fitness level. I’m right at the peak of my training plan and getting into the 30km long-run range so this pretty much couldn’t come at a worse time. I was feeling so strong last week and at my race on the weekend and now this has literally knocked me down to the ground.

One thought on “This is when a time-traveling DeLorean would come in handy

  1. It’s okay to wallow in self-pity a bit! This is a huge wrench thrown in your marathon-training gears. No matter what, you’re awesome, and you’re gonna be in Boston for the marathon, even if you are gimping across the finish line.

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