Injury update

I spent the last four days doing this:


Mum’s homemade tomato sauce FTW!

15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Massage, foam roll, try not to cry, repeat. To keep from going insane I read all 600 pages of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden (loved it), numerous episodes of Friday Night Lights and The Americans, and the Oscars (meh). I also wrote up a bunch of articles for work and had some lovely visitors save me from loneliness and teach me how to work my television (thanks Mum, Dad, and G & G!)

Yesterday I went to see a physiotherapist at a sports medicine clinic here in town. If there is a silver lining to this injury, it’s that it occurred AFTER January 1, when I finished my probation period at work. Now I have full benefits and my health care package includes pretty generous physiotherapy coverage. So grateful!

The physio confirmed the bad news though: it’s a groin strain. She seemed optimistic though that I will run Boston (and I WILL! Positive thinking!!) IF I’m smart and listen to my body. In the past, that’d be a pretty big “if” because I likely would have tried to run through the pain and I never would have taken those four days to just completely rest. Thankfully I’ve gotten a little wiser in the last few years!

She did acupuncture on my leg and gave me a deep tissue massage, then sent me home with a list of stretches to do every day. I’m supposed to go swimming a couple times this week (focus on flutter kick and dolphin kick, NO whip kick) and two short walks on flat surfaces. I also have two more appointments with her this week, tomorrow and Friday.

My muscle is still sore and I’m really nervous about doing any kind of activity. I’m terrified I’ll just make it worse, but I’m also more than ready to actually step outside and get some fresh air, so the walking might be nice.

There are seven weeks left until Boston. Aghhhhh. Thinking about how close it is makes me so scared. Ironic I guess because before Thursday’s injury, I was scared about other things to do with the race (namely, the whole running 42 km thing). But at least in my mind I knew (or blissfully expected) that I’d physically be able to do it as long as I kept up my training. Now it feels almost like my body is betraying my mind, if that makes any sense. I got into this sense of security where I could make my body do what I wanted, and now it suddenly hurts to make the smallest movement.

I don’t really recognize myself, it’s frustrating and weird and now I’m realizing I just wrote paragraphs about my groin and that’s just as weird and definitely more than a little obnoxious.



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