A humbling and hurting 1km (!) run

I made it one kilometer today before I had to stop running from the pain and walk slowly back to my apartment.

So discouraging. The physiotherapist’s optimism yesterday about me trying running again was infectious. I woke up this morning to clear, sunny skies and thought, maybe I can do this. Maybe a week off and all that icing and massaging has worked and I’ll just do a nice, slow 5 km run.

Nope. Definitely not. (And 5km?!? Laughably ambitious of me. Right now that’s seeming like an endless stretch of hell. How did I run 28 km just 12 days ago? That’s what makes me so sad, that just prior to pulling my groin I was feeling on top of the world after a few terrific runs, long distances and good times. Pride before the fall and all that, I guess.)

I’m trying not to panic or cry but it’s really, really hard.


One thought on “A humbling and hurting 1km (!) run

  1. I bet this was your hardest recovery run!!! You’ll get there, and you’ll be OK for Boston. Definitely most important to stop when it hurts and give your leg a break (just like you did! I’m proud of you!)… the swimming will keep you in good shape, it’ll just be your muscles that are a bit shocked by the running when you get going again.

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