Not back on the horse yet

After the BEST deep tissue massage and acupuncture at physio today, I went swimming. Yay for Warm Water Wednesdays – the 82 degree temperature felt sooo relaxing on my muscles, which were already nice and warmed up from physio.

Here’s the workout I did:

500 m freestyle

200 m dolphin kick

200 m arms only, alternating free and backstroke

500 m freestyle

200 m dolphin kick

10 minutes water running with flotation belt

It felt good – mostly just to move finally after four days on the floor! But I definitely felt soreness while swimming freestyle. Not pain, but definitely tight and stiff. The dolphin kick felt really, really good though. I pictured in my head the adductor and quadricep muscles getting nice and stretched out from the motion. And the water running felt good too – I visualized crossing the finish line at Boston and it helped 🙂 I wish there were some tethers at the pool to create extra resistance though. In one of my aquafit training classes back in my lifeguarding days, we did a water running class with bungee ropes hooked to the pool wall and attached to our flotation belts, and it was SO tough!

I’m still on the fence about getting back to running in the next couple days. I’ve gotten the all-clear from the physio to run as long as there’s no pain, but I’m…afraid, I guess? I know I wasn’t knocked off a horse here, but I’m still freaked out that if I try running too soon, I’ll only make the strain worse. But the clock is ticking…

If you’ve come back from a running or sports-related injury, please share advice!

Also, my friend Rhea and I have decided that “groin” is one of the worst words in the English language. Possibly worse than “moist” (or maybe MOIST GROIN is the absolute, hands-down grossest?!? Sorry for just making you throw up)

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