I’m Katie, the reporter on the run. Not from the law. I actually just really like to run. But don’t worry – this blog won’t just focus on fartleks or dwell on deadlines. I’m just unable to resist a good alliterative blog title (see, The Devushka Diaries, my blog chronicling my year in Russia). I like to think this is charming and distinctive and “my style”, but it’s more likely the self-aggrandizement and need to be “special” that’s much bemoaned and be-written of my generation kicking in. Humour me?

Okay, so – this blog. Yes, there will be running stuff on here. And reporting stuff. Because those two things – running and journalism – are huge passions of mine. But I’ll try to mix it up a bit, I promise. I’m hoping this will be a fun space for me to write the kind of things I can’t write in newspapers yet (or ever!). Even though I HATE it when my parents refer to me as a “cub reporter” (pretty sure that term died out in the “My Girl Friday” era), the truth is that I’m still pretty new to the media industry. I graduated from j-school in April 2013, and after two internships, I’m embarking on my first REAL, permanent, non-contract, not-an-internship grown-up job.

Thanks for stopping by!

Table read in my broadcast journalism class

Table read in my broadcast journalism class



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