Happy Canada Day! and some kilometer repeats

Canadian runner problems: when you don’t have any red/white or Canada-themed running clothing to wear on July 1. I have many Canada t-shirts, but they’re all cotton and there’s no way I’m venturing outside in this humidity to run in any material that isn’t dri-fit and sweat-wicking!

Also, do they make Canadian-themed compression socks? Because I’m super jealous of these:


So I’m all about the power of the rest day for making the next day’s run the best thing ever. Lately my runs after a day or two of not running have been great – my legs feel fresh and strong and I’m so excited to get out there. I’m also loving speedwork…yeah, we’ll see if I’m still saying that in a few months! But right now, it’s so much fun thinking of different workouts to do instead of just heading out and doing a random number of miles at whatever pace I feel like.

Today’s workout was kilometer repeats. I warmed up with 3 kilometers at 4’55 pace, then settled into 11 kilometers alternating 1k fast, 1k recovery (fast kilometers were run between 4’00 – 4’30; recovery kilometers at 5’00-5’15). Cooled down with 2km very slow for a total of 16.

Best thing about this workout? The variety. Switching it up every kilometer was fun and challenging.

Worst thing? Probably the way some of the kilometers worked out. Because I didn’t do this workout on a track, but rather on the roads and trail, I didn’t have control over where one kilometer would end and another begin. So if my fast kilometer suddenly ended halfway up a hill, I didn’t want to switch to recovery mode, or vice versa. Also, traffic lights and random people with two lizards on their shoulders weaving back and forth on the sidewalk (not even kidding) are annoying. It would have been easier to run this on the track, but the change of terrain and incline/decline did make it more challenging.

As soon as I got back to the apartment the first thing I did was drink a cup of cold water mixed with half a scoop of Vega Sport Performance Protein. This is what I drank right after the Boston Marathon and I swear it helped in muscle recovery. It’s supposed to reduce recovery time between training, build and repair muscle, and improve strength. One scoop has 25 grams of complete plant protein, but it IS expensive (I get it at my grocery store for $3.50/package, and one package is a single serving), so I’ve budgeted it into my grocery bill to buy one package every week and divide it into two and having it after whatever I deem to be my “toughest” runs, not necessarily the longest. I’m trying to get a lot better at my running nutrition…it’s a work in progress…

Also, the only flavour I’ve found this in is berry. It’s not the greatest, but it’s not intolerable…glowing review, huh? Basically, immediately after running you need carbs and protein in a 4:1 ratio, and this is one great (vegan) way to get a bunch of protein in.

OK, time to continue the Canada Day celebrations! 🙂 have a great one, fellow Canucks!




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